'the ideal sound'
a documentary by Wendy van Wilgenburg


THE EDEAL SOUND focuses on the construction of a violin. Matthieu Besseling is a violin maker in Amsterdam. When he was twelve years old he built his first violin. After studying medicine and the viola at the conservatory, he realized that making violins was a lot more fun than dealing wit sick people, so he decided to become a professional violin maker. The film offers, in chronology, a fascinating image of the construction of a violin, starting with two boards of wood and ending, some four months later, with Besseling playing the instrument.
The viewer gets an impression of the craftsmanship of the violin maker. It becomes evident that almost every action has its influence on the ultimate sound of the musical instrument.

The film, made in 2000 by Wendy van Wilgenburg has had its premiere in the "Tropen Instituut" in Amsterdam and was also broadcast in the Amsterdam cinema Rialto.

English subtitles, 80 minutes.
This film is for sale on DVD at the workshop of Matthieu Besseling for the price of € 20,- 

Research, camera, sound and editing:
© 2000 Wendy van Wilgenburg
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